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Why clubathletix apparel stores?

Detailed Preparation


Our full service team helps you create the perfect apparel store for your team, business, or event from start to finish. 

From designing your items, picking out brands, and answering customers questions, we do it all.

ClubAthletix customers never "lift a finger" to help. 

Open your apparel store with confidence that your items will look great and get the service you deserve.

Sound too good to be true?

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Full Service Support


Never hear "that's what you ordered" again. 

At ClubAthletix we offer full customer service from start to finish. 

If we messed up, we have your back.


With another shirt.

Want the piece of mind to know everyone is going to get exactly what they ordered?

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Premium Quality Items


Want a brand you trust?

We have it

Want a brand we trust?

We have it

Want a brand we both trust?

That's us, CLAX

We can provide your team, business, and event with brands that fit in your budget and feel great.

We can also provide premium brand items. It's your store, tell us what you want!

We Sort the Order


If you are the customer, why are you doing the work?

Put away the spreadsheet, we have it covered

We Bag and Label the Order


When you receive your items it will be packaged, bagged, and labeled for easy delivery and distribution. 

Our customers have still yet to lift a finger

We deliver the order


If you do not want to pick them up, we will deliver them to you for free! 

Pretty simple right?


"Do Nothing" Package

  • Branded Custom Apparel Store
  • Full Service from start to finish
  • Unlimited Items
  • One Time Fee for store
  • Free delivery
  • "It's CLAX Fault" insurance

         If we mess up we fix it, for free

$200 *one time* set up fee

After that, your Branded Custom Apparel Store with FULL SERVICE is FREE, FOREVER....

"CLAX" Package

  • ClubAthletix branded custom Apparel Store
  • 10 Items
  • No Set up fee
  • Must Pick up at CLAX Headquarters or pay for delivery
  • Minimum orders apply, contact us to find out what your minimum order is
  •  "It's CLAX Fault" insurance

        If we mess up we fix it, for free 

"Uniform" Package

If you purchase uniforms with us we throw in the "Do Nothing" Package at no extra charge! 

Want to use your apparel store as a fundraiser? Contact us to learn how!