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How do you clax?

North Kansas City Facility


Opening January 2020.

Any Sport

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Riverside Facility


Private Facility Bookings.

When you book our Riverside Facility you are the only team in the facility during your practice. 

Controllable sound system, parents lounge, and private setting makes it feel like it is your facility... it is... for two hours at a time.

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Team Uniform Packages


Yes, we do uniforms. 

Why? Because it is easier.

Why is it easier? 

Because you also practice here.

Don't practice here? You can still order uniform packages.

Tired of dealing with multiple companies just to coach your team?


We offer Practice space reservations bundled with uniform packages so you go to one place, pay less, and get hooked up with FREE GEAR. 

ClubAthletix's multi-sport indoor facilities help your player train to play great! ClubAthletix's uniform packages help your player look great! 

Full-Service Custom Apparel Stores


ClubAthletix creates custom full-service apparel stores for your team.

From start to finish we handle everything.

We create your store.

Create your items. 

Sort your order.

Bag your order.

Deliver your order.

YOU do not lift a finger  

Are you ready for unparalleled quality and service?

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Bundle and Save!


The more you CLAX, The more you SAVE. 

The more you CLAX the more you RELAX.

ClubAthletix offers practice reservation/ uniform bundles so you only have to work with one company.

No more chasing down uniforms and handing them out at practice. 


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Home of SOAR Athletics


ClubAthletix is the proud uniform and facilities partner of SOAR Athletics.

SOAR Athletics is the fastest growing youth sports organization in Kansas City. 

From pre-school to high school SOAR has a spot for your player!

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